How to find a lost / stolen cell phone using IMEI number

By | November 24, 2013

Introduction ///


With public transportation getting crowded and people doing dumb things over weekends, it’s not very difficult to lose mobile phones. If you’ve lost your mobile phone, there are a few things that you can do before you say it and the data it holds goodbye forever. If you’ve lost your phone at some place that you aren’t aware of, you can find your lost phone using IMEI number.

IMEI number, which stands for¬†International Mobile Equipment Identity is a unique 15-digit number, which is allotted to your mobile phone by the manufacturer. Often times, you’ll find this number written on your phone’s battery / box, but you can also find by typing *#06# on your mobile phone.

This IMEI number may help your find your lost / stolen cell phone.

If however you don’t have the IMEI number and you’ve already lost your mobile, all you have to do is call your data carrier and tell them your mobile number, they will then tell you the IMEI number of the device that was last paired with the number.

Since IMEI numbers are associated with mobile phones as soon as they are manufactured, you can find details of your phone just by entering your IMEI number. Check out this website, if you want to know about your phone.

How to find lost mobile phone using IMEI number ///

Method 1 ///

Screenshot (48)

1) Go to this website.

2) Enter your IMEI number in the space given.

3) Click on “analyse.”

With this you can find your phone’s location online.

Method 2 ///

1) Go to this website.

2) Enter your IMEI number in the space provided.

3) Click on “search mobile.”

If your phone’s location is not found on this site’s server, try the third method.

Method 3 ///

You can find the location of your stolen / lost cell phone by sending an SMS to “53232″ or “57886.”

1) Open your message box.

2) Create a new message to the number “53232″ / “57886.”

3) Type in your unique IMEI number.

4) Hit send.

In a few minutes, you will get the details that have been stored in the records of your data carrier. You can then contact your operator and ask them to either blacklist that cell phone, or start tracking it.

Method 4 ///

This method only works with smartphones. Both Android and iOS have the advanced feature to search for lost cell phones. For iOS, you have FindMyiPhone app, which gives you the last know location of your smartphone, and on Android there’s ADM (Android device manager), which we will use in this method.

1) Log in to your Gmail account using the email ID that you use with Play store.

2) Go to ADM website. This will search the last know location of your Android smartphone.

Screenshot (49)

3) If you think that you’ve lost your phone, you can use the “ring” button to make your phone ring. It works even when your phone is on silent mode.

4) If you think your phone may be stolen, you can “lock and remote wipe” it. This will lock the phone and wipe all your private data from it.

Final Words ///

So, these are some of the ways with which you can track your lost / stolen mobile phone with IMEI number. I strongly recommend that you register a complain with the local police. In 2012, the number of reports for lost cell phones registered were less than 1% of the actual number of phones stolen. Police authorities have access to highly advanced tracking system, they can save your data, and find your smartphone. You should register a complaint, don’t just assume that police doesn’t do anything!

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  2. Nate Wilson

    ADM works!! I had my phone on silent mode and I found it using ADM. Thanks man.

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  4. Alba

    Thank you! I lose my cellphone and found!
    Method 4 really work for Android when GPS is turned on!


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